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Ukraine unveils new tactical missile system

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The mil.in.ua a Ukrainian military website released photographs of a new Grom-2 (Thunder-2) tactical missile system developed by Yuzhnoye Design Office and A.M. Makarov Southern Machine-Building Plant.

Recently released imagery and reports in the Ukrainian media suggest that the new Grom-2 (Thunder-2) tactical missile system was close to the finish line.

As is known, the new operational-tactical missile system developing for Saudi Arabia. Ukraine’s defence companies have received from Saudi Arabia around $40 million to develop the Grom-2 tactical ballistic missile system, Ukrainian media reported.

The «Grom-2» has a range of 350km, but technically, a missile is able to fly up to 500km. The new system developed by Yuzhnoye Design Bureau in partnership with  Pavlograd Chemical Plant and Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau.

As has been reported previously, Saudi Arabia had sought to obtain both Russian and American systems (the Iskander and the ATACMS, respectively), but has had no luck doing so.

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