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Ukrainian T-84 tanks to participate in Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Armed Forces of  Ukraine plans to send updated T-84 tanks to participate in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018, national media reported on 2 January.

According to the Defense Express website, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine decided to send upgraded T-84 tanks to participate in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 multinational tank crew competition hosted by the U.S. Army Europe and the German Army.

The T-84 is a further development of the T-80UD tank by means of installing, among other things, multiple protection explosive reactive armor modules, these being supplemented by passive armor array, and a more advanced fire control system similar to that installed on the modern Ukrainian Oplot tanks.

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By that time, six T-84 main battle tanks were repaired and modernized at the facilities of the SE “Malyshev Plant”.   Major maintenance and modernization of the T-84 tanks were launched early in 2017. Tank T-84 was adopted in 2001, 10 units were purchased in the same year. For a long time, T-84 tanks had been in stock of a number of parts of the Armed Forces of  Ukraine.

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The Strong Europe Tank Challenge multinational tank crew competition is designed to project a dynamic presence, foster military partnership, promote interoperability, and provides an environment for sharing tactics, techniques and procedures.

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