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Video: Ukraine successfully tests upgraded S-125 surface-to-air missile system

Posted by Colton Jones on

Ukrainian State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” (part of UkrOboronProm), in collaboration with Radionix, released video of a successful test of a new missile interceptor – designated 5V27D-M2 – with a modernised version of the S-125 Neva/Pechora (SA-3a ‘Goa’ Mod 0) surface-to-air missile (SAM) system.

According to the UkrOboronProm, S-125 surface-to-air missile underwent an integrated modification of all elements, including modernization of missiles, as well as the use of a new radar station built on solid-state elements.

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During the tests, firing at air targets was conducted using new missiles 5В27D-М2 with a semi-active radar homing device. This ensures detection and engagement of the fighter-class air target at a distance of not less than 20 km. This greatly increases guidance accuracy, ensuring engagement of even highly evading target.

Due to the fact that on the initial section the missile moves along the aerobalistic trajectory, S-125M engagement area significantly increases. Engagement area with new missiles is more than 40 km, the maximum height of the engagement area is 25 km.

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This contributes to reliable protection of ground objects and infrastructure from air attack.

As of today, preparation of production facilities for serial modernization of missiles 5В27D-М2 is carried out.

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