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Vietnam unveiled new heavy sniper rifle produced under licence from Russia

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

According to the Vietnamese online magazine, at the Factory Z111 of the Defence Ministry of Vietnam in Thanh Hoa, was launched production under licence of the Russian 12.7×108mm large-sized sniper rifle OSV-96.

According to the local source, Vietnam has established a production line in cooperation with the Russian defence companies for the manufacture of a new heavy semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for the 12.7×108mm for the Vietnam People’s Army.

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The OSV-96 sniper rifle developed by KBP Instrument Design Bureau is capable of engaging infantry at a distance of up to 1800 meters and can combat material targets at ranges up to 2500 meters.

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The OSV-96 folds in half in between the barrel/chamber and receiver compartments to shorten its length for ease of transportation. The rifle features a free-floating barrel in combination with a large muzzle brake to greatly decrease its recoil.

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