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Air Force Veteran-Turned-App Developer Moves into CEO Role, Sales Soar

Posted by Julio Medina on

Well, it looks like we got some honorable mentions! Check out the press release below. 

Julio Medina, CEO and Founder of Morale Patch™ Armory, first made headlines when he developed a software app called AF-Tracker to improve the quality of workouts airman received with vitals monitoring and performance tracking. For their PT Tests Now, Medina’s Morale Patch™ Armory is trending for its Morale Patches™.

According to Medina, he had the idea for the company when he was serving in the United States Air Force. He was excited about Morale Patches™ and the artists who were creating the designs. While there are many hobbyists offering the patches, Medina’s company offers a large-scale operation where part of the profits will be going to nonprofits supporting military and law enforcement officers across the country.

Recently, Medina registered the trademark for Morale Patches™, allowing Medina’s Morale Patch™ Armory to protect their brand and further grow the business.

Morale Patch™ Armory has earned a large social media following, and Medina said the key to getting followers has been to create rich, relatable content. “People on social media are always looking for interesting topics, brands, and things that friends like...It helps in my case that I am part of my target audience so I can relate to them,” said Medina.

Morale Patch™ Armory is based in Dubuque, Iowa, where Medina resides. “Small town Iowa is the best! I actually established a social media community called Around Iowa on Facebook. I’m a Hawkeye fan, and I hope no one holds it against me,” said Medina.

So far, Morale Patch™ Armory has had sales from all over the country.

When asked where he sees Morale Patch™ Armory in 5 years, Medina said, “The 5-year vision for Morale Patch™ Armory is to become the go-to name in the industry and to provide the best quality and designs for morale patches. Also, we want to grow our brand through licensing our brand and trademark(s).”

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About Morale Patch™ Armory

Morale Patch™ Armory is a one-source hub for Morale Patches™, tactical patches, challenge coins, military patches, and more. Morale Patch™ is a registered trademark of Morale Patch™ Armory.


Julio Medina, Founder
Morale Patch™ Armory
Phone: 800-451-7083
E-mail: contact(at)moralepatcharmory(dot)com



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