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how does Army deployment work?

Posted by /u/pikachu_dakota on

Hi I’m a remote programmer and software designer, trying to move to Colorado with my boyfriend. Since my job is very flexible location wise, I’m planning on just rent houses wherever he goes. I think this could work but I heard about the army people are pretty chill these days and only like stay around base for a few years and move to another location. What I’m still confused about is the time and...

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Former Swedish prime minister seems pretty knowledgeable

Posted by /u/OlaRune on

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MGIB to Post 9/11

Posted by /u/Cutie-McBootie on

Hey everyone, I got a quick question. When I was in bootcamp, I signed up for the MGIB because I knew we could switch to Post 9/11 anytime we want. Well I attempted to switch a few month ago and I think I did successfully. Well since I apparently paid $100/month for a year, do I get that back since I switched to Post 9/11?

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EPA: Hawaii's Military Bases Dumped 630,000 Pounds Of Toxic Nitrate Into The Ocean

Posted by /u/wewewawa on

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Mounted vs dismounted infantry

Posted by /u/charge556 on

In todays army, is the difference between mounted and dismounted infantry whether or not they have organic transportation? Are mounted given Humvees and dismounted just transported combat zone and dropped off to hoof it on foot?

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Why the FBI is vetting the National Guard ahead of Biden’s inauguration

Posted by /u/dect60 on

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Promotion party ideas during COVID?

Posted by /u/transitional82 on

Naval officer's spouse here. Due to COVID-related issues, no one (including myself) is allowed to attend my spouse's upcoming promotional ceremony. It's just the two of us here - all family and friends are on the other side of the country. So I'm planning a Zoom get together, but how can I make it special? Any navy related decoration or cake ideas for a lieutenant-to-be? Also, any gift ideas?


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2 C-5 Galaxy's maintenance crew perching on top of the aircraft's massive vertical stabilizer. There's a ladder in the tail to get to the top for maintenance.

Posted by /u/305FUN on

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How do I get a hold of the VA or DAV right now?

Posted by /u/Beerddviking626 on

I have been trying to get a hold of an office to file an appeal for my disability claim for weeks and all VA offices and DAV offices are closed because of COVID. I can’t seem to make headway. All mailboxes are full and the offices referred in voicemail messages are also offline. What the heck!

I am in the Greater Nashville area FYI.

Any ideas?

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Korean War Vet pension question

Posted by /u/bsque on

Apologies if I'm in the wrong spot or if this is an inappropriate question. My sister's husband served in the Korean War (not sure of branch of service) and was injured. He receives a benefit (not sure if it's considered disability or retirement pension-- he's 86 years old). He is ill, bad enough that he would be considered to be dying, and may not survive the month.

Does anyone know if my sister...

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