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New eBrief: Soldier Lethality: From G.I. Joe To Iron Man

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

The American soldier is evolving rapidly from low-tech grunt to high-tech warrior. For decades, the infantry has suffered more casualties than any other branch of the armed services. At the same time, they’ve gotten the smallest investment in new equipment. Now that’s changing.

The Army is investing in technology for its infantry the way other services have long invested in jet pilots. This Breaking Defense E-Brief provides an in-depth look at the new technologies and advanced capabilities that will power the goals of Soldier Lethality, one of the Army’s “Big 6” modernization priorities. This includes not only fielding next generation individual and squad combat weapons but also improved body armor, thermal imaging and networking systems, sensors, radios and load-bearing exoskeletons.

Download the Breaking Defense E-Brief on Soldier Lethality. It’s free, and will give you insight about the next generation in infantry capability.

Breaking Defense thanks Elbit Systems of America for supporting this editorial E-Brief.
Sponsorship does not influence the editorial content of the E-Brief.

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