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MDC2 Wargame: EXCLUSIVE First Look – ‘Conflict Anywhere Will Be Conflict Everywhere’

Posted by Colin Clark on

PENTAGON: For the first time, the Air Force has run a wargame trying to decide how best to build the structure for Multi-Domain Command & Control. A central objective is figuring out how to manage data flows coming from all over the world from every domain: air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace. What could the… Keep reading →

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Show Me The Battle: Cyber Command Needs Data Fusion, Training Sims & C2

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Until cyber operators can both train realistically and see the their digital battlespace as clearly as traditional commanders see physical battlespace, they’ll be hard-pressed to defend everyone else’s systems.

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Iron Man, Not Terminator: The Pentagon’s Sci-Fi Inspirations

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

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WASHINGTON: “When most people when they hear me talk about this, they immediately start to think of think of Skynet and Terminator,” said the deputy secretary of defense. “I think more in terms of Iron Man.” The Pentagon wants artificial intelligence, said Bob Work, but it doesn’t want “killer robots that roam the battlefield” without… Keep reading →

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