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Gen. James Kowalski

STRATCOM Must Be Warfighters, Not FAA In Space: Lt. Gen. Kowalski

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

CAPITOL HILL: The US military spends too much time acting as the FAA of space and not enough watching for potential threats, the deputy chief of Strategic Command said today. That has to change as outer space becomes increasingly contested and increasingly intertwined with cyberspace, Lt. Gen. James Kowalski told a Peter Huessy breakfast here.… Keep reading →

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Air Force Nuke Force Commander Cuts B-52 Flying Hours As Specter of Sequester Looms

Posted by Otto Kreisher on

The Air Force general responsible for most of the nation’s military nuclear force is worried that the Continuing Resolution and the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration will wipe out 20 percent of the money he needs to keep his force combat ready. “You can’t take those kinds of reductions we’ll be looking at without… Keep reading →

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Why Air Force Won’t Buy Nuke Mission CVLSP Helos — For A While

Posted by Colin Clark on

ORLANDO: The nation doesn’t need to rush out and buy the Common Vertical Lift Support Platform, designed to rush troops to nuclear sites or to evacuate senior lawmakers in event of a strike against the capital, because security at missile and other facilities has improved. And there’s not much money around to buy it with.… Keep reading →

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