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Long-Range Artillery weapon LORA

Talisman Sabre: Land-Based Missiles Vs. China

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Air Force photo

The Army’s experimental Multi-Domain Task Force tested new tactics for Pacific conflict, hand-in-glove with the Marines, Air Force, and Australians.

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Israel Boosts Missile Defense By $8 Billion

Posted by Arie Egozi on

TEL AVIV: Faced with a growing missile threat, Israel will add $8 billion to improve its active and passive missile defense systems. This in addition to the money already allocated for this by the Israeli government and the U.S administration. Israeli sources said July 24 that the additional funds reflect the “growing threat” based on… Keep reading →

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Israel To Pump $2B Into Ground-Ground Missile Unit

Posted by Arie Egozi on


While we can’t confirm that Israel used ground-to-ground missiles against Syria, a few months ago the IDF established a new unit — on the orders of Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman —  to operate Israeli-developed ground- ground missiles.

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