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King Blasts DoD Wall Funding, But Smooth Sailing For Air Force, Army Secretaries

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

“I believe we need the Space Force, in fact, in my opinion, a domain-specific service to organize, train, and equip space forces is overdue,” Air Force Secretary nominee Barbara Barrett said.

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Raytheon Targets Army Multi-Domain Systems Like DeepStrike [Sponsored]

Posted by Otto Kreisher [Sponsored by Raytheon] on

As the new National Defense Strategy shifts the U.S. armed forces’ focus from combating violent extremists to confronting China and Russia, Raytheon is offering an array of multi-domain capabilities to modernize the Army “not just for today but tomorrow,” Kim Ernzen, executive vice president of the company’s Land Warfare Systems, says. Raytheon is particularly well… Keep reading →

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Kendall Keeps 7 Of 9 New Programs; First Test Of NDAA Reforms

Posted by Colin Clark on

Air Force Photo

This year saw the first test of a major shift in acquisition law, pushed by Sen. John McCain, to place more power in the hands of the four armed services. When the bill was still being debated, the Pentagon’s top acquisition official, Frank Kendall, warned that McCain’s move to boost the power of the service chiefs to… Keep reading →

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How To Secure NATO’s Frontline States

Posted by Mark Gunzinger on

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War, it may be time for NATO to adopt a new AirLand Battle-like concept to help guide its plans and capability priorities to counter the growing threat of Russia. This concept could take advantage of high-capacity air and missile defense systems and a new generation of long-range precision… Keep reading →

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