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Mike O'Hanlon

The Military’s Real Readiness Crisis; Petraeus & O’Hanlon Are Wrong

Posted by Justin Johnson on

It’s no news to Breaking Defense readers that the U.S. military faces a readiness crisis. But retired Gen. David Petraeus apparently disagrees. Yes, the military’s budget has been cut by 25 percent in real terms since 2011—much of it coming from accounts used to maintain and build combat readiness. Yes, leaders from the Army, Navy,… Keep reading →

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Army Bases Bleed, Then BRAC Comes

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. graphic

WASHINGTON: Congress hates base closures, known as BRAC. But it turns out you don’t need a Base Realignment And Closure round to hurt homestate economies. If you cut the Army by 120,000 (from a wartime peak of 570,000 to 450,000), and prohibit the Pentagon from closing bases, what you get — instead of wholesale shutdowns… Keep reading →

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McCain, Thornberry Decry WH NDAA Veto Threat; But What If It Happens?

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. photo

WASHINGTON: The chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services committees made a rare joint appearance today and urged President Obama not to veto their policy bill for 2016. But Sen. John McCain and Rep. Mac Thornberry held out little hope Obama would back off, and if they have a plan for what to do if he… Keep reading →

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F-35B IOC To Come ‘Latter Half of 2015,’ Marine Commandant Gen. Amos Says

Posted by Colin Clark on

[updated with official dates] WASHINGTON: Just two days before the Pentagon is required by Congress to report when the different versions of F-35 will hit Initial Operating Capability, that mark when the services begin to deliver planes that are sort of ready for war missions and serious training, Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos told me… Keep reading →

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