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Ray Odierno

The Military’s Real Readiness Crisis; Petraeus & O’Hanlon Are Wrong

Posted by Justin Johnson on

It’s no news to Breaking Defense readers that the U.S. military faces a readiness crisis. But retired Gen. David Petraeus apparently disagrees. Yes, the military’s budget has been cut by 25 percent in real terms since 2011—much of it coming from accounts used to maintain and build combat readiness. Yes, leaders from the Army, Navy,… Keep reading →

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Army Chief Wants Grey Eagle Drones In All Divisions, But Can’t Buy More

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

LAS VEGAS: As the Army institutionalizes robotic systems that began as ad hoc expedients for Iraq and Afghanistan, the Chief of Staff wants drones in every combat aviation brigade and every division — even at the price of spreading them thinner across the force. The Army’s first company of Grey Eagle UAVs, a variant of… Keep reading →

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