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Outer Space Treaty

Astroscale US Targets DoD Sat Servicing Market

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

“DoD is a customer like any other, with a future need for servicing its own satellites to extend mission life,” says Astroscale US President Ron Lopez.

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Space Lasers for Satellite Defense Top New French Space Strategy

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

French government photo

French Defense Minister Florence Parley says she has been exploring with French defense giant Thales concepts for what she called “fearsome little detectors” that “will be the eyes of our most valuable satellites.”

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The US Needs A ‘Coast Guard’ For Space: Semper Paratus Exteriores Spatium

Posted by Michael Sinclair on

A battle has been underway for several years now over who will become the FAA of space and how they will do the job. Some wanted the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Tranportation, which boasts the great acronym, FAST. Some wanted NOAA or NASA. Most did not want the Air Force, which has had a… Keep reading →

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STRATCOM Raises Spectre Of Offensive War In Space

Posted by Colin Clark on

Air Force photo

SPACE SYMPOSIUM: Offensive war in space is one of the truly hot button defense policy issues. Advocates say it is inevitable. Opponents say it violates the ideal of a cosmos marked for exploration and peaceful coexistence. Some say war in space would violate the Outer Space Treaty, which bars nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass… Keep reading →

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