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Space Lasers for Satellite Defense Top New French Space Strategy

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

French government photo

French Defense Minister Florence Parley says she has been exploring with French defense giant Thales concepts for what she called “fearsome little detectors” that “will be the eyes of our most valuable satellites.”

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NRL’s LARADO Project Hopes To Track Tiny Space Debris

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

Navy Research Lab’s LARADO (Laser-sheet Anomaly Resolution and Debris Observation) project conjures images of a Wild West cattle drive, and in a way that is apropos as space scientists have long been attempting to wrangle better estimates of the population of on-orbit debris.

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Will Budget Crunch Pentagon Laser & Space Investments?

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Air Force graphic

Despite increasing uncertainty over President Trump’s surprise proposal to cut $33 billion from defense, the Pentagon’s R&D chief says he’s confident more cash will be pumped into laser weapons and new space capabilities.

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