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Navy To Begin Arming Subs With Ship-Killer Missile

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Navy photo

It’s a major shift after decades in which submarines focused on projecting power ashore, with their only anti-ship weapons being their rarely-used torpedoes. Driving the change: increasing anxiety about China.

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What Really Matters In The Defense Authorization Act & What Didn’t Get Done

Posted by Mark Cancian on

Most coverage of the annual defense policy bill has focused on program changes: more ships (including six icebreakers!), no change to F-35’s, more RDT&E, no JSTARS recap, a growl (but no more) on ZTE, and many more (the bill and report run 2,500 pages). Less discussed, but of more import in the long run, are the… Keep reading →

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Israel Deploying to Eastern Europe, Pacific for First Time Alongside U.S. Forces

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The Trump Pentagon is undergoing a major shift to focus on great power competition. And it’s looking for allies to step up in places that might come as a surprise.

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