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undersecretary for research and engineering

Mike Griffin Says 5G Top New Priority for R&E Shop

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

“What I want to bet on is the ability of the United States and our Western allies to out-innovate adversaries,” says Mike Griffin, undersecretary of Defense for research and engineering.

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Top DoD Official Shank Resigns; SCO Moving To DARPA

Posted by Colin Clark on

“My integrity and belief in SCO’s mission is more important to me than my friendship over many years with Mike (Griffin).”

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Stop Wasting Time So We Can Beat China: DoD R&D Boss, Griffin

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.

“I’ve never seen a Congress more on our side than it is today,” Griffin said. “In every meeting on the Hill, I am asked, ‘what relief do you need? What legal remedies do you require? What can we do to help you move faster?’ So if you are bound by legal impediments…I need bring those forward, because I am perfectly willing to go to Congress.”

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China Loves DoD Acquisition Culture, Says R&D Chief Griffin; He Loves Hypersonics

Posted by Paul McLeary on

NASA photo

The new head of Pentagon R&D delivered a scathing critique of how the military develops and buys equipment. “I did not take this job to reach parity with adversaries,” Griffin said. “I want to make them worry about catching up with us again.”

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