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European Navies: Stepping Back Into the Game At Euronaval

Posted by Murielle Delaporte on

Two years have passed since Le Bourget hosted the last Euronaval show, two years during which the maritime world has become increasingly multipolar. For example, just in the submarine business, more than 40 countries are nowadays involved. In the meantime, Russia added 28 new ships to its fleet in 2018 alone, while China, with a… Keep reading →

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UK’s Big Defense Spending Push — and Brexit — Under Fire

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Dave Jenkins c/o Wikimedia Commons

A British defense official talked up the good news about British defense spending in DC this week — including on many US-built weapons — but some dark clouds hang over the ambitious plan.

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How To Strengthen Alliances On President Trump’s Watch

Posted by Michael Krepon on

America’s Asian allies have been unnerved by President Donald Trump’s dismissive rhetoric about alliances based on cost/benefit grounds, and his decision to dump the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. That’s part of the reason Defense Secretary Jim Mattis traveled in Asia to calm nerves in Tokyo and Seoul. America’s European allies are also deeply unsettled by Trump’s… Keep reading →

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Everybody Loves ‘Mad Dog’: Mattis Pick Reassures Allies

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Marine Corps photo

SIMI VALLEY, CALIF.: You might not think a man nicknamed “Mad Dog” would put America’s allies at ease. But that’s the buzz here at the Reagan Library’s annual defense conference, where Donald Trump‘s choice of Gen. James Mattis to run the Pentagon met with enthusiastic praise from the right, from the left, and from overseas.… Keep reading →

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Brexit, Russian Threat Shape Farnborough; F-35 Dominates Show

Posted by Douglas Barrie on

The Lockheed Martin F-35B advanced short take-off and vertical landing aircraft will make its debut at this year’s Farnborough International Air Show. The last combat aircraft in this class to premiere at Farnborough was the Yakovlev Yak-41 (Yak-141) Freestyle more than 20 years ago. How times have changed. The Freestyle was unarguably a star of what… Keep reading →

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How To Keep Britain’s Global Power Post-Brexit

Posted by Colin Clark on

The United Kingdom is likely to need a new name after yesterday’s shocking vote by the British people to leave the European Union. Scottish leaders have made clear for some time that they were likely to hold a second referendum on independence should their erstwhile countrymen vote to leave the EU, and the equivalent of the blue… Keep reading →

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Scotland Should Get Into NATO, OK!

Posted by James McKeon on

When I studied politics in London, one of my lecturers was a fellow named Neil Kinnock, a Welshman who went on to lead the Labour Party. Kinnock, though he loved Wales and clearly understood the pride his countrymen took in their little patch, never joined the then-dominant Welsh nationalist group, Plaid Cymru. Kinnock knew being part… Keep reading →

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UK Defense Chief To NATO: Pull Your Weight In Europe While US Handles China

Posted by Otto Kreisher on

WASHINGTON: Great Britain’s new defense minister delivered a surprising rebuff to his fellow European defense leaders: Stop complaining about being abandoned as the US shifts its focus to the Asia-Pacific region and prepare to “do much more of the heavy lifting” on security in your own backyard. Secretary of State for Defense Phillip Hammond issued… Keep reading →

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