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The Army’s Navy: Fast Boats, Long-Range Rockets Play In Classified Wargame

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

ARMY WAR COLLEGE: For the last decade, the Army has emphasized “boots on the ground.” Large numbers of foot troops slogged through valley and village, field and town, to safeguard civilians and hunt insurgents. Now, as the largest service looks beyond Afghanistan, a classified wargame about a hypothetical Korean conflict shined a spotlight on high-speed,… Keep reading →

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North Korean Nuclear Threat Drives Army Wargame; Service Shifts To Rebuild WMD Skills

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

ARMY WAR COLLEGE: Hours before Pyongyang conducted its latest nuclear test, military officers here at the Army War College began waging a wargame whose classified scenario is transparently concerned with North Korea. That is not happenstance. [Click here for more coverage of the Army’s “Winter Wargame”] After a decade of guerrilla warfare in Afghanistan and… Keep reading →

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‘Stun Bombs’ Used to Guard Libyan WMD Sites?

Posted by Colin Clark on

AFP just published a very interesting account of secret NATO teams guarding Gaddafi’s weapons of mass destruction depots with bombs that were able to take out a car while leaving the occupants unhurt. Before Tripoli fell, NATO guarded his known chemical weapons depots from the air, maintaining near constant surveillance from them and ready to… Keep reading →

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