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The Thin Line Meanings

Posted by Julio Medina on

Thin Line Meanings

It started with the Thin Blue Line and with the rise of professions and support for protective services and first responders the thin lines have grown. We have the meanings of the most popular thin lines below. 

Thin Blue Line Meaning

 Thin Blue Line Meaning  

Essentially there are three meanings. The Thin Blue Line represents the thin line Police Officers walk daily between life and death. The Thin Blue Line represents the police officer role of separating the good from the bad while creating order from chaos. The Thin Blue Line on black is a memorial or a connection or memory between Officers killed in the line of Duty and those who continue with their duties in the present.

Thin Red Line Meaning

 Thin Red Line Meaning

As firefighters are periled, they place their lives second to those they protect. They are forced to face their own fears and grasp for every ounce of courage to perform the necessary task. “The Thin Red Line of Courage” represents the last ounce of courage firefighters find deep in their blood to conquer their darkest fears in order to save and protect life and property. It is displayed to show respect for firefighters injured and killed in the line of duty.

Thin Green Line Meaning

 Thin Green Line

The Thin Green Line represents Federal Agents such as Border Patrol, Park Rangers, Game Wardens and Conservation Personnel. Some consider the Thin Green Line representing military as well.

Thin White Line Meaning

Thin White Line Meaning

The Thin White Line represents emergency medical services. The thin white line differs from other thin lines in that the background is blue instead of black, with a white line crossing horizontally through the middle. Another version would be black background with white line.


Thin Silver Line Meaning

Thin Silver Line Meaning

The Thin Silver Line represents Correctional Officers.

Thin Orange Line Meaning

Thin Orange Line Meaning


The Thin Orange Line represents Search and Rescue Personnel and sometimes EMS.

Thin Yellow Line Meaning

Thin Yellow Line Meaning


The Thin Yellow Line represents Security Guards and Loss Prevention. (Also has been known to represent truck drivers.)

The Thin Gold Line is another version, which represents dispatchers.

Thin Reflective Line Meaning

Coming Soon...

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What do you think?


July 16, 2017

Red Thin Line is actually the representation of MILITARY…always has been. When the thin blue line started for police, the firefighters assumed the military “thin red line.” It goes way back to a line of Scots fighting for the English in Crimea. You should really have it represented as Military on here and then Firefighters secondly…..

Michael A Esposito Jr

July 4, 2017

Why does the orange line represent Search and Rescue and EMS when they are associated with the fire department and not road workers? There are as many construction workers killed on the road as Emergency Services in a lot of states. We are the basis of infrastructure.

Heavy Wrecker Operator

July 2, 2017

Why do wrecker drivers have a spot you ask RICHARD URRABAS? Well it’s like this go lay on the side of a highway with a dozen 1,000 lb + vehicles flying past you with no regard for your safety or your life while you are laying down on the pavement close to them trying to hook to a customer’s vehicle to get them and you off the road and home safely. Our priority is keeping the customers safe and out of harm’s way but in the back of your mind your hoping that one of those vehicles coming towards you with no regard to move over to the furthest lane or slow down doesn’t leave it’s lane of travel and into yours we all face these morons everyday including police,fire,ems, and D.O.T! We all work the highways and streets and hope to make it home safely in my honest opinion it’s just a line we all know the dangers of our jobs arguing about who has a color and why cause it is what it is we all fight to stay alive most of us are not so fortunate to go home to our families in all honesty the ones who deserve a line the most is the men and women who fought for our country so we all could have the right to free speech so we can argue about things like this. And the ones who protect our asses everyday in each state and the ones who save our lives when we have a wreck or a serious medical condition and need to get to a hospital fast. So never ask why someone does or doesn’t have a line all that matters the American flag. And I would like to take the time to say thank you each and every one of our veterans and the ones still serving our great country and to all of those who never made it back – POW MIA – they may be gone but they sure as hell will never be forgotten.

Samuel Martinez

June 12, 2017

Military should be represented by a camouflage line on the Am. Flag.


June 10, 2017

The first responders are seen first hand. Your Correctional officers never seen. We are the ones who Smile at the Devil and walk into he’ll everyday. The first responders go get the offenders and they drop them off to us. We are the ones who deal with these persons everyday. We are the ones who out ate lives on the line. We deal with the people who have done unthinkable things. We have to protect ourselves and them. I say if you haven’t been behind the wall, don’t tell me we don’t deserve a line or how to do my job. I’ll be more than happy to be a police or emt. So, until you been in hell shut up and sit down.

Dewey Youngerman

June 9, 2017

Active duty and Veterans already have 13 lines. For me, as a Veteran coming from at least 6 family generations of Veterans before me, I’m good with my country’s my flag.


June 8, 2017

Lmfao I understand the police, fire, ems and military but the others just make a joke of the rest of them… and if there going by dangerous jobs then lineman should have one


May 30, 2017

Richard Urrabas..because we have more operators killed then any other agency. There was 6 or 7 just last week alone.

Agent Fortney

May 17, 2017

What is the line color for “Fugitive Recovery Agents ?”
We are in harms way daily, hunting dangerous fugitives , often with No backup of any form.
Someone email me and let me know. I’d love to get patches for our agents


May 15, 2017

I respect police officers, firefighters, and EMS but I couldn’t care less about any of the other thin lines. As active duty military I originally thought it’d be cool to have a “thin line” but the American flag works just fine.

David Hoppe

April 16, 2017

I would vote Gold to represent all military and first responders to represent the hearts of gold they must have to run in when everyone else is running out and to represent how precious they are to us when we need them.


March 17, 2017

No line for a military veteran??? Vets should have their own line


March 5, 2017

Thin line, we need to make a thin line to support all of our military, police,firefighters, EMS, correctional officers. I was thinking of one color to support them all. Any idea what color could be used?

RIchard Urrabas

January 29, 2017

Tow truck drivers have a line? Why

RIchard Urrabas

January 29, 2017

Tow truck drivers have a line? Why

Cory Dorr

January 24, 2017

I wholeheartedly agree with Sandra, the thin reflective line should be used for tow truck operaters but also for roadside service technicians.

Sandra Webster

November 14, 2016

The Thin Reflective Line shold be for tow operators.

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