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Admin discharge has been processing for 3 years - what to expect?

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I enlisted as a AF reservist (E-5) 3 years to go to OTS for a rated air crew position. Shortly before OTS I was diagnosed with a disqualifying medical condition and they began processing an Entry Level Separation. 3 years later it is still processing and might not even be an ELS anymore, I guess it would be administrative at this point. It was not set up as a medical discharge and I've never been to training. I've called every few months and it always seemed like somebody lost the paperwork and then they get it processing again. At this point I'm not even sure that whoever is processing it now even knows what it is. So next year would be 4 years, at some point will I get a call to "re-up" since I'm still in the system or what can I realistically expect to happen? Will I be in the reserves forever or what?

I'm looking to make a move in my civilian career and change cities and I would kind of like to get this all sorted out before I do that.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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