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Asking any veterans that got out of the military (active duty) and then went to army reserves, was it worth it? It is a long read I apologize

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TL;DR- Got out of active duty after my contract expired because of many physical injuries and mental problems that I think have been fixed and controlled after 2 years of being out. I miss the uniform, have a sweet gig to only serve until October 2021 and see how I like it basically with no contractual obligation other than what I’m currently on with my 8 year obligation. Not sure if it’s worth going back to what caused all of my issues in the first place, looking for advice.

I have been a civilian for two years. I was stationed at Fort Campbell and while I was there, I was miserable but extremely happy. I keep looking back at my days in the military and I miss it more and more. I am 90 percent disabled which is why I got out initially after 4 years, but kinda think I’m healed to the point where I’m ready.

Basically, I had a lot of physical issues and mental issues from my deployment as well as a couple other things at fort Campbell that ultimately led me from leaving the military. I honestly would have stuck it out but my family was also itching for me to get out, so that influenced me as well.

Now I am making great money with my current employer, and I am also ironically in the greatest shape I feel like I’ve ever been in. I went from not being able to run barely anymore in the Army to running a 32 minute 4 mile run last week. Not the greatest, but it’s a testament to how far I’ve come along out here in the civilian world.

Now I’m at the point where I feel like I’m ready to go back in, for a great gig. I have until October 2021 when my official 8 year contract is up. I have been talking to a reserve recruiter, who said I could report to a local reserve center like usual every month, and I’d be doing admin for drill sergeants. I am not an admin guy, I work a very physical job and that is where I’m most comfortable. However, I’d be able to put the uniform on which is honestly what I miss the most. I would also be under no contract, just a 4187 until October 2021. If I wanted to enlist, I’d have to go thru the typical, but I am in a control my own destiny kind of situation.

What has been your experience, did you feel complete again, or did you join and you felt it was the same and you were not content with your decision?

Thank you very much

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