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Can anyone please give me advice for programs that help veterans

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I am newly out of the military and the transition has been so hard. I have my son due to be born January 20th and I am about to be evicted because I can’t afford my rent or utilities because I haven’t been able to find a job. I finally found one today and it’s going to take upwards of two weeks for my security clearance to come back. I am going to have to tell my pregnant wife that not only are we losing our home and be homeless but that we have nowhere for our baby to go. I have tried Salvation Army I have called 31 churches asking for any kind of help I have called and called and called volunteers of America. I am in shambles and tears and breaking down. I have no resources and no family to help. Can someone please tell me some program or something that can help me save my life and save my home for my wife and son. Please. Please. I’m begging the universe someone please help.

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