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DVA Entitlements for Testicular Cancer

Posted by /u/Rumbuck_274 on

I have been told recently that r/VeteransAffairs and r/Veterans are primarily aimed at US Military, I need an Aussie here.

Anyway, I had testicular cancer back in 2014 and since then have been on monitoring blood tests every couple of months since then.

Anyway, just under 2 weeks ago, on the 19th of December 2019 I went to the med centre with pain in my remaining nut, anyway, blood tests, ultrasounds, CT Scans, etc and then I find out that yes, I have another tumour, in my other nut.

Tough break.

Anyway, I went in on the 23rd to the med centre and got my results, and the Doctor found out that my tumour markers that had been practically 0 (I.e. less than 5) since my remission in 2014 had suddenly shot up to 200 in October 2019.

So they had sat on this information for 2 months.

2 Months they sat on that knowledge and did fuck all about it.

2 Months where high dose chemotherapy could have save my nut, I wouldn't need to go on Hormone Replacement Therapy and shit for the rest of my life.

But no. They do blood tests to ignore them it seems.

Cheers mates.

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