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My girlfriend is at boot camp, please give me advice.

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Here’s a few things about me before I start. I am 21 years old, currently in school, very confident(borderline cocky). Growing up I didn’t date much, school, work, play 2k, hit the gym and social life is it for me. I don’t care for parties, attention from females(I’ve had women wrapped around my finger), they’re just mad annoying to me and it’s too much attention and I’ll stop talking to them. I’ve had encounters with females, had crushes but I never had a girlfriend. I never was a relationship person, I’ve played a few females her and there but relationships, catching feelings isn’t really me. I’m not really sensitive, I don’t express my problems to people, I just find a way to make things work out for myself. When we met, I just got to know her a little. She told me she was going to the Navy and just wanted friends, I’m like cool, I wasn’t thinking about no relationship. At first everything was cool, we was just texting, having casual conversation. We was friends, next thing I know, texting turns into us ending up on FaceTime a lot, and she wanted to hangout badly. She initiated us hanging out. So we went on a date and the connection was there, it was probably the best connection I’ve had with a female thus far. One date turns into another and I felt like I was broken as a man because I was telling her things about me that I don’t tell anyone. I became soft, she pulled the emotional side of me out and I just felt broken. But me being me I wasn’t sweating it, I was just chilling, then her and I caught feelings. We know so much about each other, and she’s told me some things that I know anyone would just tell somebody. I still wasn’t sweating a relationship though, but I felt like she was a little. We kept hanging out, spending time and at this point I knew what my heart wanted and I tried my best to run from it. We had “the talk”, at the time I was scared because I’ve never fell for a female this drastically. I’ve fell for females before but this was on another level. After having “the talk” I told her I wanted her to choose what’s best for her and our relationship going forward. The next day she told me she wanted a committed relationship, in the span of hours I tried to ask her any and every scenario that came to my head and she didn’t give not on bad answer. She really wanted the relationship, the way she was talking and answering my questions caught me off guard. So we made it official. Fast forward to today, she’s at boot camp(3rd week), I’m in school, I just wrote her today. I’m a brutally honest person, I trust her, but can you guys give me some like tips, insight, what to expect going forward with her. I’m sorry that it’s lengthy.

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