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ROTC vs. West Point

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Basically, I just began ROTC. I am enjoying it, and really glad I joined. When I was in high school and first thinking about the military, I contemplated trying to attend West Point or USNA if I could get in, but I never ended up applying. I let it go since I’m in ROTC now, but recently us freshmen got a chance to super briefly meet this man who I assume is a recruiter guy for West Point before MILS class. He basically told us that if any of us are interested in applying still, that our POS could provide a nomination. So my question is: although this is very tentative and I haven’t thought it through hardly at all yet, if I were to leave ROTC and go to West Point, what would the pros and cons be? Do you think I would become a better officer? I don’t know if ROTC programs differ in quality or if there’s a set standard, but my school’s (Texas Christian Uni) ROTC is pretty legit as far as I can tell.

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