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Would it be tenable for everyone in the military to start off as E-1 rather than being able to start off as an officer out of OCS/OTS?

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I am not in the military, and I know very little about the military, so please forgive my lack of knowledge. I am just very curious. A friend of mine is in the military, and complains about how fresh new officers often times do the exact same job as some enlisted men, but get paid more and treated with more respect, which can be very frustrating for the enlisted men. Some of the enlisted men lament the lack of upward mobility, and the fact that officers have a greater tendency to be of high-SES background and often do not belong to marginalized groups. They suggest a structure wherein everyone begins as E-1, but leadership potential is recognized, and people can eventually become officers by virtue of that. This would apparently ameliorate some of the inequalities and some of the frustration that exists currently. Would that be tenable?

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