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CEO Lynn: Classified Work ‘Critical’ To Leonardo DRS’ US Success

Posted by Colin Clark on

Leonardo DRS photo, modified by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.

M1 Abrams turret with front- and rear-facing radars for the Trophy Active Protection System circled.

PARIS AIR SHOW: Leonardo DRS has been battling hard for a decade to win a greater share of the American military market. That effort appears to be paying off, as CEO Bill Lynn makes clear.

Last month, the company announced it had held on to the almost $1 billion Global Access Network (GAN) contract to supply satellite communications for Social Operations Command. The US Army and Marines are installing the company’s Trophy Active Protection System on M1 Abrams tanks, a deal worth more than $200 million. Leonardo is the American half of the program, which uses

Israeli firm Rafael’s Trophy APS.

“We are heavily in the Army sensor market and network computing. That’s where we’re able to improve our position,” Lynn told me. “It’s creating new markets that’s been the key.”

How much has classified work helped Leonardo DRS succeed in scratching out market share? Watch the video.

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