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386 squadron plan

386! Go On Air Force. Say it Loud. Now!

Posted by John Lehman on

The Air Force is too small for what it is being asked to do. Here’s what it needs to do to grow.

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Beyond 386 Squadrons: AFWIC’s Four Futures For The Air Force

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Air Force illustration

“AFWIC was told to inform and try to shape the ’20 POM,” Fantini told reporters, but that 2020-2024 budget plan is due out in February and was already largely locked down. “But the ’21 POM,” he said, it’s “game on.”

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Air Force 386 Squadron Plan: Hallucination Or Negotiating Tactic

Posted by Mark Cancian on

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson announced “the Air Force we need”, a significant expansion of the Air Force from 312 operational squadrons to 386. One thing is clear. It will be really expensive. The annual additional cost would be about $37 billion at a time when budget projections show no increase, and up to 94,000 additional personnel, active and reserve.

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CSIS Expert Calls Out USAF: 386 Squadrons & $13B Space Force Are Guesswork

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Air Force graphic - 386 squadron plan

CENTER FOR STRATEGIC & INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: The Air Force threw out two big numbers this week, but one of Washington’s leading budget analysts doesn’t think either of them is credible. One is the service’s unsolicited estimate that President Trump’s plan to create an independent Space Force – largely carved out of the Air Force –… Keep reading →

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What Will New Bomber Squadrons Mean For Air Force? 75 More B-21s?

Posted by Colin Clark on

So reporters kept pressing Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Chief of Staff David Goldfein for answers to the reasonable question: How will the Air Force afford 74 more squadrons with all the people, planes, satellites, and infrastructure needed to make them useful?

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