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Arctic Strategy

The Navy Is Back In Iceland, But Left Its Carrier At Home

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The 2nd Fleet wants to “decentralize decision making and allow the on-scene commander to take the initiative,” Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis says.

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US Expands Icelandic Airfield For Tankers, Big Cargo Lift

Posted by Paul McLeary on

An old Cold War base in Iceland has seen over $80 million in US investments in recent years as the Pentagon flies more surveillance missions in the high north — and plans to do more.

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Navy Looking To Fly P-8s From Cold War-era Base In Alaska

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Navy photo

WASHINGTON: The Navy may begin deploying submarine-hunting P-8 Poseidon aircraft to a small airstrip hundreds of miles off the Alaskan coast, signaling a new emphasis on keeping watch over Russian and Chinese moves in the Arctic. The remote runway sits on the island of Adak in the Aleutian island chain, and it’s the westernmost airfield… Keep reading →

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Where Are The Icebreakers?!

Posted by Scott C. Truver on

We’ve got something here for Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Angus King and Coast Guard Commandant Paul Zukunft to read before they speak Wednesday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on “National Security Challenges and Icebreaking Operations in the Arctic.” Scott Truver, known to most serious students of Navy shipbuilding, argues the case for icebreakers.… Keep reading →

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Is Winter Coming? Or, Our Russia Strategy

Posted by Michael Spirtas on

In Washington, and across the globe, many ask if Russian actions represent a new challenge to international order, and, if so, what is the best course of action to respond to it. Defense Secretary Ash Carter cited Russian military intervention in Ukraine, Georgia, and most recently, Syria in his speech at the Reagan Defense Forum… Keep reading →

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RAND Spots China’s ‘Potentially Serious’ Weak Spots

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: “We have found that the PLA suffers from potentially serious weaknesses.” That is the simple and powerful declaration of a new study of China’s military by the RAND Corp., done at the behest of the congressionally-mandated U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. What are those Chinese weaknesses? The report, again, is admirably clear. “The first is… Keep reading →

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The Case For LCS: Searching For The AirAsia Plane

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

The Littoral Combat Ship Fort Worth joined the search for the remains of Air Asia Flight QZ8501. This grim mission marked more than a real-world test of a new and controversial class of ship. It also shows why the Navy needs something like LCS at all. The Fort Worth started working this weekend with the… Keep reading →

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Japan Re-Shapes Its National Security Strategy

Posted by Robbin Laird on

Japanese national security strategy is shifting. The Pacific power’s new National Security Strategy highlights a comprehensive look ahead built around what they call a “comprehensive defense architecture.” This architecture is built on effective joint forces, a close working relationship with key allies such as the United States, Australia and Japan, and a proactive approach in which… Keep reading →

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