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Breaking Defense eBrief: Army Aviation Modernization

Posted by Breaking Defense on

The Army rushes to field two new manned aircraft and a family of drones for future wars

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Romania Inches Forward On Major Attack Helo Deal

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Romania, a NATO ally, is nervously watching Russian moves in the Black Sea, is spending big on American military kit.

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Army Helo Cuts Save $176M A Year Over Guard Plan: CAPE

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon’s hardest-nosed accountants have endorsed the Army’s Aviation Restructure Initiative. ARI is a controversial cost-cutting plan which would retire the Vietnam-vintage OH-58 Kiowa scout helicopters and replace them with AH-64 Apache gunships taken from the National Guard. The Army said ARI, once fully implemented, would save $1.09 billion a year. In a document… Keep reading →

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Grey Eagle-Apache Run Shows Tech’s Not Enough; Ya Gotta Have Doctrine

Posted by Richard Whittle on

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA.: Manned-Unmanned Teaming, when manned aircraft crews control drones from their cockpit, is a child of the drone revolution still in its infancy. So maybe it’s no surprise that Army Apache helicopter units with new AH-64Es equipped to control MQ-1C Grey Eagle armed drones have gotten off to a crawl rather than a run using… Keep reading →

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Guessing Game: It’s An Apache; It’s A Chinese Attack Helo; It’s A???

Posted by Colin Clark on

UPDATED: Latest Theory Is The Helo Is From Chinese Museum. No Proof. A photo of a helicopter that looks quite a bit like an American Apache AH-64 attack helicopter on a truck has surfaced in China. The experts agree on one thing: they aren’t sure what the aircraft is or what it portends. What do… Keep reading →

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