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Russia’s Real Target Is US Alliances & Ukraine, Not Elections: CIA Veterans

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

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“I don’t think that Vladimir Putin, who I think is a realist, wants to destroy us or our democracy, (though) they did meddle… and they will do it again if they can,” Bearden said. “They will continue to stir the pot, (but) I think they’re as amazed by what we’re doing to ourselves as perhaps we are.”

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Sen Graham: ‘Just A Matter of Time’ Til North Korean Redlines Crossed

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: “When does that moment come when their program matures and goes across those redlines? At the pace we’re on, it’s just a matter of time. If something doesn’t change, it will be inevitable these redlines are met — if there’s another test of a warhead.” Sen. Lindsey Graham appeared to document one of the redlines he… Keep reading →

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