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Air Force Expands 5G As It Transforms to Multi-Domain Ops: Donovan

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

Enabling multi-domain command and control (MDC2) is “how the Air Force becomes the quarterback, the play-caller of the joint warfighting force,” says Acting Air Force Secretary Matt Donovan.

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HAC-D Members Want Investigation into JEDI Competition

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Blue Origin photo

Two lawmakers don’t mention Amazon Web Services by name in their letter to the DoD IG, but the Web retailer is all over the complaint.

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GAO Decision Threatens US Military Dominance; Reject It

Posted by Bill Greenwalt on

Bill Greenwalt is sort of the Pied Piper of military acquisition policy. Where he leads, others often follow. After he wrote a series of op-eds for Breaking Defense recommending major changes to the Pentagon’s acquisition system, Sen. John McCain lured Bill back to his old job at the Senate Armed Services Committee. Greenwalt rewrote the laws, shaking up Defense Department acquisition. Bill is back, pointing to new acquisition problems, this latest one with his former employer — the Government Accountability Office. It’s a doozy, as you’ll see.

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War Cloud: JEDI To Deploy Backpack Servers To Front Line

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

Army photo

In a world where knowledge increasingly matters more than physical power, US troops can’t quickly access vital information in a labyrinth of often incompatible and inaccessible databases. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure — archly acronymized as JEDI — aims to fix all that.

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Bellwethers of the Post-Afghan Defense-Industrial Base

Posted by Steven Grundman on

After three years of the “age of austerity” in Western military spending, investors’ imperatives and corporate strategies show one indication of how the defense-industrial base will evolve over the next decade. Investors want public companies that demonstrate an attractive risk-adjusted total return, not just M&A-fueled arbitrage plays. In response, companies are husbanding or harvesting their financial… Keep reading →

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