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U.S. India ASAT Test React May Backfire, Experts Say

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

The India ASAT test could have provided an opportunity for leadership from the Trump administration to help prevent the creation of space debris.

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Ellen Lord’s Farnborough Schedule Change; She Went To India

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The relationship between India and the U.S. is one both sides want to nurture, but Russian military sales, the demands both sides are making over production, and and other tough issues remain to be ironed out.

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The Way Ahead To Kim-Trump Summit

Posted by Stephen J. Blank on

While a Trump-Kim summit is a victory for South Korean diplomacy and the policy of maximum pressure, it is also a tremendous victory for Kim Jong Un, and this must be recognized.

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How To Avoid War With North Korea

Posted by Michael Krepon on

Donald Trump spirals downward. As long as he remains in the White House, we are called upon to do everything in our power to limit the damage he can do. Above all, there is the need to prevent a war of choice to disarm North Korea of its nuclear weapons. There are many reasons to… Keep reading →

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