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Esper Starts Setting Up DoD-Wide ‘Night Court’

Posted by Paul McLeary on

Over the past several weeks Esper has held a series of internal reviews at the Pentagon, in which offices outline programs they’re working on. Those are cross-checked with other parts of the Defense Department to see if there’s duplication of effort.

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Why Chairman Thornberry Failed To Tame DoD’s Fourth Estate

Posted by Mark Cancian on

When House Armed Services Chairman Thornberry proposed eliminating seven agencies and reducing personnel by 25 percent, he faced strong opposition. In the HASC’s draft bill, he scaled the proposal back to eliminating just three agencies. But that didn’t work either. During the committee’s markup of the House defense policy bill, members still pushed back.

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Fights Over DoD Bureauracy, Space Force Makes Tensions Flare on HASC

Posted by Paul McLeary on

House Armed Services Committee pushes through most of the Trump administration’s budget requests, absent some of the usual fights. But the return of sequester looms large in 2020.

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Cut ‘Pure Overhead,’ Navy Sec. Mabus Says: DFAS, DLA, DOT&E

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

WASHINGTON: In what looks very much like an opening shot in a fundamental fiscal battle between the four armed services and the Office of Secretary of Defense, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus came right out today and said we should preserve fighting forces by cutting Defense Department agencies that are “pure overhead,” His prime candidates? The testers who make sure the services’… Keep reading →

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