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Thornberry’s ‘Bold’ Bill May Speed, Improve Buying Weapons

Posted by Katherine Blakeley on

Rep. Mac Thornberry’s proposed acquisition reform bill is a bold and innovative attempt to solve two major problems with how the Department of Defense plans for and buys major weapons systems. (Thornberry introduces a prototype bill for committee discussion later today. The Editor) First, this bill from the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee has… Keep reading →

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DoD Acquisition Heroes During Iraq, Afghanistan? Small Biz and DARPA

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: You didn’t hear much about them during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but DARPA, small businesses, and universities were the people who most impressed retired Gen. Hoss Cartwright when he was vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as he and the services scrambled to find weapons to give American troops a… Keep reading →

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