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US Puts Russia ‘On Notice’ Over Treaty Violation; NATO Agrees

Posted by Paul McLeary on

US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison sent a warning to Moscow about violating the INF treaty — one that NATO allies appear prepared to back up.

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AUSA’s Carter Ham To Macgregor: Futures Command Will Work

Posted by Carter Ham on

Army Futures Command will not become a comfortable resting place for platoons of old generals. Rather, I think the secretary and the chief expect Futures Command to be the engine of innovation for the Army.

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US, Allies Must ‘Stop Fixating’ On ISIL & Friends; ‘Frankly, We Are Losing’

Posted by Ben Zweibelson on

Western democracies and their military instruments of power are struggling with what seems to be the novel and dangerous apparition of radical global extremism. This headline-grabbing new threat, whether called the Islamic State, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Boku Haram or something else, captivates both our military’s and the public’s attention. Yet for all the emphasis on dissecting… Keep reading →

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DoD Acquisition Heroes During Iraq, Afghanistan? Small Biz and DARPA

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: You didn’t hear much about them during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but DARPA, small businesses, and universities were the people who most impressed retired Gen. Hoss Cartwright when he was vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as he and the services scrambled to find weapons to give American troops a… Keep reading →

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World’s First Military Fuel Cell Vehicle Fleet Unveiled

Posted by Peter Gardett on

Much like microwaves and satellites, the US military could serve as an incubator for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology, helping it advance to a point where it can stand on its own in the global marketplace. In one of the latest examples of the private sector collaborating with the military on new technologies, General Motors… Keep reading →

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