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Jamie Davis

‘Thousands’ More Troops To US Border, But Colombia Deployment Unclear: Shanahan

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

DoD photo

Shanahan spent much of his first formal (albeit off-camera) Pentagon pressroom briefing as SecDef emphasizing continuity with his ousted predecessor, Gen. Jim Mattis. He made a point of praising Mattis’s National Defense Strategy, America’s allies, and even the press – not exactly favorites of President Donald Trump.

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Hyten: Space Force Report In ‘Next Few Weeks’ After Shanahan Cancels Meet

Posted by Colin Clark on

Of DoD’s proposed reforms, the biggest thing not included in the NDAA is the Space Development Agency, which would appear to strike a blow at the heart of DoD space acquisition: the Air Force-run Space and Missile Systems Center. SMC has long been criticized for its slow pace, bureaucratic stovepipes, and opacity, but praised for its technical brilliance.

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