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Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission

Focus The Pentagon On Warfighting, Not Kids’ Schools And Such

Posted by Mark Cancian on

It’s time to focus the Pentagon on warfighting and get it out of the myriad auxiliary activities that distract it from its main purpose. Secretary Mattis made his position clear in his confirmation hearing: “[W]e have to stay focused on a military that is so lethal that on the battle field it will be the… Keep reading →

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Hey Pentagon, Don’t Stop Reforming Now

Posted by Justin Johnson on

NASA photo

Defense reform has gotten a lot of attention around Washington—from members of Congress and senior Pentagon leaders as well as the usual policy mavens and influencers. Lately, though, whispers wafting from the Pentagon have suggested that perhaps defense reform has peaked, that Congress won’t support meaningful reform. Bushwah! Defense reform is far from dead in… Keep reading →

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HASC Moves Ahead On Military Compensation Reform

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

CAPITOL HILL: By an overwhelming vote of 55 to eight, the House Armed Services Committee decided tonight to stay the course and reform the military compensation system. In doing so, HASC firmly grasped the third rail of the Pentagon budget. Personnel costs for pay, healthcare, and retirement have grown rapidly, even unsustainably, as a share… Keep reading →

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Thornberry Worried By Uniforms Leaving Military

Posted by Colin Clark on

WASHINGTON: The new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee sounded pretty sympathetic today to the Navy’s plan for a separate budget line to fund a new generation of nuclear missile submarines. But Rep. Mac Thornberry, known for his close attention to detail, also said he understood it was very important to use the right… Keep reading →

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Cut Pay? Trim COCOMs: How To Act Wisely On Military Pay

Posted by Matthew Leatherman on

Imagine a business that’s restructuring costs. The idea is to restrain employee compensation and free up money for operations and investment, thus allowing the company to grow. Everyone’s familiar with the surrounding debate: leaders spotlight the need for efficiency, and workers insist that the company not break faith with them.  It’s a classic dispute between… Keep reading →

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