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European Phased Adaptive Approach

Focus On What You Do For NATO, Europe, Not The $$

Posted by Michael Matlaga on

As feared, President Donald Trump came out swinging at the NATO summit. He castigated Germany for being subservient to Russia (guess he forgot about his idea to welcome Russia back to the G-7) and continued his focus on getting Europe to spend more on defense. Given the political environment, we welcome these constructive suggestions for how Europe… Keep reading →

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Poland Signals Russia With Huge Missile Defense Deal

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The $4.75 billion air defense deal gives NATO a significant new defense against growing Russian threats in the Baltic.

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Crucial Polish Missile Defense Site Delayed Two Years: MDA

Posted by Paul McLeary on

With the Pentagon and White House increasingly worried about ballistic missile threats from “rogue” states and peer competitors, the Polish site is increasingly critical.

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Iran Nuke Deal: Will US Troops In Region Be At Risk?

Posted by Rebeccah Heinrichs on

Amidst the constant roar of very predictable Republican and Jewish opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, it’s often been difficult to discern intelligent and rational discourse. Rebeccah Heinrichs, who distinguished herself during her time as a Capitol Hill aide as a tough and intelligent partisan who didn’t always abandon the facts, offers this intriguing analysis of the possible effects… Keep reading →

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Why Russia Keeps Moving The Football On European Missile Defense: Politics

Posted by Joan Johnson-Freese on

America wants to use policy — talks on missile defense cooperation — to make Russia feel better about the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA). But the Russians, who say they think EPAA threatens their ICBMs and thus creates all sorts of arms control problems. say technology — not policy — is the problem. The Russian Foreign… Keep reading →

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NATO To OK Global Hawks, Announce Interim Missile Defense Capability

Posted by Colin Clark on

NATO HEADQUARTERS: After more than 15 years, NATO will finally grant approval to buy five Global Hawk Block 40s to help plug the gaps in the alliance’s intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance that grew so glaring during the Libya operation. In addition to that important news for the 28 nations that comprise NATO, the alliance will… Keep reading →

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